Why are only individuals under 18 eligible for release? Why aren’t those 25 and under also eligible?

Avis Lee, who was 18, Marilyn Dobrolenski who was 19-and Cyd Berger- 21.

The Pennsylvania Constitution defines juveniles as 21 years old.

  The Supreme Court in the Miller v. Alabama decision states that the human brain is not fully formed until the age of 25..... not 18

Go Massachusetts!

Roxanne Severcool  

  has suffered over 35 years serving life without parole for a crime that she did not commit. 

She was a child.

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Sharon Wiggins describes one memory on death row.

Wiggins spent over 2 years on death row as a child of 17.

Sherri Robinson and Sharon Wiggins died in prison, issued life-sentences as 17 year old children. Finally justice for juveniles sentenced before 2012, and federal justice for children subjected to solitary confinement!!

States follow suit!

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